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I loved this experience, so what can I do next?

For those students who have volunteered for t-oigo Allies in English or who are studying communication disorders, or who are interested in working with deaf and hard of hearing kids, after they graduate college, please check out this 11 -month intensive Masters program at the John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles. From what I have …

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Jamie y Cristina están felices in Valencia igual que los demas familias y estudiantes

2013-02-21 19.59.54

Tras el evento de los Beatles en Valencia, nos ha comentado la coordinadora de, Cristina Sanchis, que las familias están encantadas! Yo les vi en evento, igual que a los estudiantes, y SE NOTA!! ver el articulo sobre el evento y el video de los invitados y la banda en este enlace.  Algunos comentarios …

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My student has trouble concentrating!


A few of the Americans university students who are in the t-oigo program to help kids with hearing loss learn English have noticed their child has a hard time concentrating. “What should I do if my student is not paying attention? I want to make it fun so he can learn.” Here is an example and …

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Monica y Alex, los primeros adolescentes en el programa de t-oigo

Por primera vez hemos incluido a dos adolescentes en el programa de apoyo al inglés de Monica tiene 15 años, se comunica con lenguaje de signos y oralmente, utiliza audifonos y un sistema FM. Su hermano, Alejandro, tiene una pérdida auditiva tambien, con 18 años y se comunica oralmente un poco mejor que Monica. …

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Cathy explains the methodology at Sinews Multilingual Therapy Institute

Cathy Smitton, the English Speech and Language Therapist at Madrid-based Sinews Multilingual Therapy Institute explains their methodology and offering for children with hearing loss. Meet Cathy! At Sinews Multilingual Therapy Institute we are offering a ‘Stimulating English though play’ group which is ideal for children with hearing impairment who are acquiring English as an additional …

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