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Monthly Archive: April 2012


Kia goes to Mallorca with Claudia and her family


Hola Dale! Claudia and I have been having a GREAT time. We’ve been practicing for the talent show, but I’ve found she also loves playing card games! She loves “Go Fish”, but has also learned how to play “Speed” and Spades. She knows the names of all the suits (hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds) along …

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Anna ha empezado una nueva relación con Martina


Aunque para muchas familias en nuestro programa de apoyo al inglés, el semestre está acabando, y los estudiantes norteamericanos terminarán pronto sus estudios en Madrid, Anna se acaba de apuntar a ello, para lo que queda hasta el verano. Se fue ayer a conocer a  Martina, y fue amor a primera vista para ambas partes. …

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Ping pong!


Here’s Becky’s latest post on her experience teaching Rodrigo English. Meet Becky! I had a great time with Rodrigo today! It had been two weeks since we had met last because I was out of town for Semana Santa. In those two weeks, Rodrigo’s favorite thing had switched from soccer to ping pong. So we …

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