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Miriam and Luca are such a joy to spend time with, and are always very eager to learn English!

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Yadeni Abagaro is a visiting student at SLU Madrid, from the University of Richmond and is a t-oigo volunteer thanks to Richmond’s Bonner Scholars Program. When she first signed up on the Allies in English link to be a volunteer she wrote:

When working with children, I am playful, and enjoy activities such as painting, pottery, and other creative outlets. I am relatively active, and enjoy sports too! I also enjoy just being able to sit and talk with children, and discussion. I am passionate, and driven. I would love to learn more about Spain, and its people and culture. In America, I’ve been volunteering regularly since 10th grade of high school. I am also a part of the Bonner Scholars Program at the University of Richmond, through which I volunteer for 10 hours a week at Greater Richmond SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now). There, I facilitate children groups of about 10 children, where we have guided therapeutic sessions, and also free play while parents are receiving court mandated classes on better parenting. ‘d be willing to do 2 times a week too! I do plan on traveling, and keeping up with academics but would love to make as much time as possible work. I truly do enjoy volunteering, and this seems like a unique experience.

We placed her with a wonderful family:

Yadeni, you will participate with Ann-Sophie, José Miguel,  and their daughter Miriam, who is  4 years old. Miriam has a moderate hearing loss and uses hearing aids and an FM system. She communicates orally and in fact is already speaking German since her mother is German. At home they speak in Spanish and at school she learns English. Miriam has two siblings who also have hearing loss. They would like to include Luca Marie, who will be 3, in the group if possible.

After her  semester volunteering with this family Yadeni writes,

Hi Dale,

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to volunteer with t-oigo. Spending time with Ann-Sophie and José Miguel’s family has impacted my study abroad experience so wonderfully. Since the beginning they have been so accommodating and hospitable towards me, and have been a support system during my time here in Spain.They’ve gone above and beyond my expectations of what I would get from this experience, and I can’t express how happy I am that I chose to sign up. Both José Miguel and Ann-Sophie are always very present to facilitate my time with Miriam and Luca, and play a very active role! Miriam and Luca are such a joy to spend time with, and are always very eager to learn English (Santi too of course :) . They are all patient, kind, and respectful.

Also, I saw a great improvement in how receptive Miriam and Luca are of English, and of their language skills too. I genuinely looked forward to Wednesdays because of how wonderful the Romero family is, and am sad that my semester came to an end so quickly. I hope they are placed with another volunteer just as great as they are, and I will definitely encourage other Richmond students to volunteer with T-Oigo.

Thank you again, and I hope you have a Happy New Year!


Yadeni Abagaro



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