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Janee says about Irene, “She really tries! I LOVE IT. “

Janee Mahan, our amazing volunteer who was paired with 5 -year old Irene last semester in Allies in English wants to continue! Irene is completely deaf and uses a cochlear implant to hear. Thanks to Janee, she is making progress.

Janee writes:

The program t-oigo is an eye opener experience for anyone. The hard- of- hearing shows that they’re limitless ways of learning and to have fun is as normal as having fun with someone who can hear. Hard of hearing isn’t a disablity at all its just another way of thinking out of the box to teach, explain, and have fun with one another.

My first day of volunteering my time with Aparicio family, was life changing. I learned new things about the hard of hearing, learned that they’re an energetic family, and have a very open-minded personality. At first, it wasn’t easy for myself nor the children to open up but that happens with everyone. Throughout the 3 months of volunteering, every week it’s something different and something new. I learn so many new things about the girls and I think they did  as well. The experience with this program is amazing and I love it. Having a connection with the girls like a mentor or just a friend it feels great. There’s such passion and just playing in English with the girls I´ve realized my little girl, Irene tries to speak English, she really tries. Just with only 8 visits she went from not talking to me, to responding in Spanish and now trying to respond and mimic me in english. I LOVE IT. I hope I can stay with the same family for next semester.”


Meet Janee:

Janee Mahan es de Nueva York y estudia Ciencias Políticas en la Universidad SUNY Delhi y los próximos dos años en Saint Louis University.  Janee es extrovertida, tiene mucha paciencia y le encanta cuidar y jugar con niños. Le encanta bailar, viajar y aprender idiomas. Le ilusiona participar en este programa para poder ayudar a los niños con su inglés de una forma divertida. Tiene experiencia haciendo voluntariado con niños y cuidando de niños.

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