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Ana S.

Ana visits 5- year old Maria every week in her home, as part of the program that has set up provide children with hearing loss gain close access to native English speakers. Ana offered to volunteer for this program, which recruits students from the International Baccaleurate program, a highly competitive academic studies degree with a requirement of service, sports and creativity or CAS.

I have never worked with kids before but I have babysitted my two younger cousins ( of ages 5 and 6) and I’m the oldest cousin from my mum’s side and the third (out of 15) oldest on my dad’s side, so I do have practice with little kids. I would like to do this volunteer work because I believe that you are not only supposed to receive from the community but also to give. I also think that this is a great opportunity for me to learn by teaching, and would really like to help give a child a better future. I am a junior right now in high school, and I would like to study most probably Psychology, but I am also thinking about Dramatic Arts with a minor in American Literature.

Thank you,
Ana S.

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