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Rebecca B.

Meet Rebecca! She is a University student volunteer working with a 10 -year old deaf boy in Madrid as part of the t-oigo program to support English language education.
I am currently working on a Spanish Education major (recently added) and an Art History major.  I have been studying Spanish for about 6 years, although there is so much to learn!  I have two younger brothers, one by 5 years and one by 8 years.  My mother is from Thailand while my father has lived in California his whole life, I have traveld to Thailand numerous times but do not speak the language very well.
Some of my hobbies include photography, reading, outdoor adventures (I go to Humboldt State University in Northern California where there are rivers, beaches, and mountains everywhere), hanging out with my friends and family, movies, etc.  I actually took a sign language class way back in high school for a semester, I also taught myself the alphabet in elementary school…for some reason I was fascinated with it at a young age.  I had a t-shirt with all the signs for the alphabet on it so maybe that had something to do with my interest.  I love children, and think this is a great opportuntity to help a child in need, as well as expand my horizon and experiences.

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