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Cathy Smitton

Cathy Smitton is a Speech and Language Therapist for Sinews Multilingual Therapy Institute in Madrid. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree with First Class Honours in Speech and Language Therapy from Newcastle University, UK and is a Member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, UK.

Cathy’s professional vocation covers a diverse range of communication difficulties in both children and adults.  Her work for years in the National Health Service Scotland (Aberdeenshire) as a community Speech and Language Therapist has provided her with a wealth of experience assisting people in hospitals and care homes and collaborating with schools; she is keen to share this with Madrid’s international community.

Experienced in speech and language problems in children, she practised as a full-time pediatric Speech and Language Therapist, helping them to overcome stuttering and difficulty pronouncing certain sounds as well as implementing alternative communication systems such as PECS and Makaton for children with verbal deficits.  She has always believed that excellent collaboration with schools is fundamental to ensure they adapt appropriately to the communication needs of the child.

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