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Kerry S.

Kerry is helping teach English, while she is abroad this semester in Madrid. She is volunteering as part of the program that created to help children with hearing loss have access to native English-speakers.

Meet Kerry!

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada along with my two brothers.

I am the middle child to two amazing parents who have taught me the importance of work ethic and the need to give back to my community.
My father is a scientist and my mother is a teacher, and they both also volunteer in their free time.  With my father coaching for an organization called Miracle League, my Mother’s active role in various church activities, and my brothers both completing their Eagle badge in Boyscouts, I have participated in various volunteer opportunities over the years.

What sparked my interest in t-oigo in particular is the new perspective I have after taking a sign language course at University
of Northern Colorado my freshman year.  I since have transfered back
to my home town and am attending University of Las Vegas Nevada but
still remain in close contact with a friend of both a hearing impaired
father and sister.
I am thankful for this experience as I probably get just as much out
of it if not more than those I ‘volunteer’ for.

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