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Elyssia G.

Elyssia está estudiando Filologia Española, y se ha ofrecido como voluntariado durante este semestre que estudia aqui en Madrid en USAC (Campus Rey Juan Carlos)   Elyssa dice,

“Hello, I am very excited as well! I am very interested in Deafness and deafhood. I am currently studying to become an interpreter for the Deaf. I am aware of the culture, language, and procedures that give Deaf people and children the opportunity to hear. I only know American Sign Language.  I am thrilled to be of any assistance.  A little about myself. I am very interested in language and culture, trying new things and meeting new people. I also love music and movies and entertainment of that nature. Communication is very important to me and think everyone should have the tools in order to help them be successful. ”

Elyssia is working with Adrian this semester, traveling all the way from Madrid to Guadalajara to provide weekly sessions with the family. Adrian is 11, has a severe hearing loss and uses hearing aids. He has two younger normal hearing siblings who also want to learn English despite the fact that the parents speak little English. Surprisingly the mother , Dina, who is also deaf and  has a cochlear implant, is excited about this opportunity and wants to learn English.

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