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Kia J.

Kia is from Minnesota and is studying Biology,  (with an interest in chemistry, medical instruments, and Spanish) . This semester she is studying in Spain at Saint Louis University.  She likes dancing, sports, and painting. Kia writes,

“Well I am a biology major with a double minor in chemistry and Spanish. I loovvvveeee sports, and I also like the arts. I like to draw/paint and I also love music (though I do not play any instruments), dancing is one of my favorite past times. My Spanish is alright, I am pretty proficient but by no means am I fluent. So far, I have been doing pretty well in Spain, definitely enough to get me by. I think working with this program will may even be more beneficial for me than the kids I am able to work with! I think 1-2 hours a week might be my time commitment as well, as my classes seem to be pretty demanding so far. I would also like you to know that back at my college in Minnesota I am a learning community leader for Calc II and Biology, so I am familiar with preparing exercises. Hopefully I will be able to prepare some exercises that will be beneficial, yet fun, for the kids.”

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