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Anna Soria

Meet Anna!

My name is Anna Soria. I am a recent graduate from Saint Louis University Madrid.

I have already looked through the website and it looks very interesting – and the blog you sent me is really inspiring. It looks like there is a lot of fun happening on both sides! :)

I have been living in Madrid now for about 5-6 years now. I graduated from SLU Madrid with a Communication, English degree (and apart from that, I also studied dance.) Since graduation, I have been working for an online magazine as well as an international press group, both based in Madrid, but I decided to focus on intensive spanish classes since January to prepare for the DELE in May.  I plan to do a Master’s program at IE Madrid in the fall, but for the moment I have about half of my day free, give or take a few commitments.  Therefore, I would like to dedicate my time to volunteering in causes such as these, which I think are very relevant and important.  In addition to loving being with children, one of my best friends was born half deaf, so this is also a cause I hold close to my heart. I hope to have the opportunity to learn and volunteer with t-oigo.


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